Don’t use United PArcel Service

Dear UPS, I ordered a part from a factory. The part was $23 dollars, and I paid 20 dollars to have it overnighted. Since it was really important to have it by this weekend. Some how it has been scanned in at all the ware houses but the last one in Gulfport, Ms says. It never arrived, even though. They gave me a print out of it being scanned in . There around 11am. The lady I spoke to in the customer care office there around 4pm . Said It was on the truck, and being delivered to the house . But do to the system being screwed up and not updating on the computer. I had it change to will call for me to pick up instead. But when I came back at 730pm , like I was told to do. They couldn’t find it. Ar first , they had to put the tracking number thru three times. To finally be able to find it. But No one there seems to have a clue. All I got from them was a paper showing it being scanned in there at 11am and the finally answer that no one has a clue. That is should show up Monday. So far this has been the worse customer service I have ever seen and it is proven. Thru the google reviews of that warehouse. I will be blogging about this on my blog and warning people. To not use the Mississippian UPS. that they dint worry about deliveries on time. I will be using the United states post office for now on. I have never had this issue with them . Thank you for nothing, as it never got delivered.,1


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